The Rams VS Farnborough – Live On Internet

One of the upcoming matches is against our everlasting rivals Farnborough FC from Hampshire! The Yellows will come to our stadium to try to take the win, but as things are standing at the moment, this will not be an easy task for them! You should not miss this match at all, no doubt, but for all of you who are miles away from your Petersfield Town, we have a surprise for you! You will be enjoying in the live airing of this match on the Internet! Thanks to one of our great sponsors, all the fans outside the town and those who do not get on time to buy their tickets, will be able to watch this game on live streaming via Internet!

The sponsor donated money for live streaming

In the beginning, this sounded as a crazy idea, since we did not know that there are many people, even from around the world, that are fans of our club! One of our sponsors, whose name will be revealed on the day of match, agreed to donate enough money to hire a TV station that will record the game and play it live on the Internet. Once we found out about the idea, we ran a quick survey (both on-ground and online) to see if there are enough people interested in this match.

What we had found was surprising – there is a huge community outside the UK that really supports and advocates our Rams! Since some of them live in other countries like Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, and South-Eastern (yes, we were not aware that we have a huge fan base in these countries), we decided to offer them the live airing! There will be no registration or sign up procedure – the link for live stream will be provided on our homepage the day before the match!

The live stream will be free of charge

There will be no price for watching the live streaming! We decided that we will not charge any money for this feature, as we want to give our fans from all around Europe a chance to see our team live. Although not the same feeling as if they were on the stadium, they will still have a chance to enjoy in the authentic atmosphere and the great football skills! Make sure you do not miss the match!