The New Loans And Signings Are Announced

As our team really needed some changes in the squad, we managed to perform several loans, but also offer the full assignments to some players from other teams. The loans, as well as the singings, will be completed at the beginning of the upcoming season and will give our team the improvements in the back, middle and front of the squad. At the moment, we have confirmed the signing of one defender, one midfielder and one attacker. When speaking about the loans, two loans are confirmed, but we are in the process of negotiation for few additional ones as well.

The loans are secured by the sponsors

Our sponsors confirmed and sent money for the loans on our checking account so we could perform these at the beginning of the season. The loans will cost us pretty much a lot of money, but considering the qualities we will get in the end, these are not expensive at all. The sponsors agreed to pay all the loans, signings and fees under the condition they stay as our main sponsors until the end of the upcoming season. The agreement was reached and money was transferred. Now it is only the time that separates us from the completing of the loans and getting new players in the squad!

More loans are announced

As we had reached the agreement with our sponsors, we discussed the option of more loans. At the moment, we targeted two-three additional loans that should be completed by the end of October. We are aiming for one additional attacker and two defenders as we will probably loan one of our defenders to Farnborough FC. The sponsors agreed that they should finance all the transfers and loans, so we are sure that we are financially prepared to undertake these actions and enforce our team. At the moment, we will not go too far and say that we will perform all the three loans, but the perspective says that we will eventually perform all three of these.

An announcement to other teams

All other teams who would like to get one of our players should contact us with the exact proposal so we could determine whether we will accept the offer or not. We can arrange the loan-for-loan if you are interested, just make sure you contact us on time. This is only to give some players more time to spend on the ground, as some of our players are on the bench all the time. This way, we would like to give the opportunity to all players to participate in the matches, rather than to stay and warm up the bench.