The Rams to host the Rams at the Lane

The upcoming match will be a great attraction as the Baconsfield Town FC from Buckinghamshire come to play against our lads! The seats for the match are being reserved at the moment so we are expecting to see all seats booked! As out stadium can host up to 3,000 people, at this moment we have around 1,250 seat reservations. Do not miss your seat if you would like to see the great football match or better to say – a clash of Titans! Some of our experts are predicting the tough match that will be a great example of skilled game, tactics, strategy and will for win!

Beaconsfield SYCOB are the next league visitors tomorrow

Our visitors humbled the Rams earlier this season 5-0. On reflection they are arguably the best footballing side we have played this year. This is going to be a great test for our team as we had some re-adjustments ion the squad. We are eager to see that the changes will bring new achievements and more success in the future matches!

Our current status

Petersfield have reached the magic 40 point mark, but the management are setting new targets for the squad to try and attain. As this is one of the great achievements in the history of the club, we like to say that this will be a great test for our lads, who will have anything but easy job to prove that they are worthy the competition!

The new transfers

The negotiations that should take place in August could bring three new players to the squad, one defender, a midfielder and one attacker. It is still early to mention the names but as far as things look at the moment, we think that the transfers will be of great benefit for our team. In case the changes produce the great performance, it is very likely that we will introduce several new players as the addition, since we are expecting some donations and more money in our piggy bank!

The kick off

Kick off will be at the normal time of 7.45pm! Do not miss your seat, reserve it on time, prepare for the great match and feel free to become our partner-sponsor! Get the exclusive access to players, teams, refreshments and hanging out with the players!